Easy guide to install a lace closure correctly


The vital role of the bundles with closure wig is to accomplish a perfect look. However, creativity is mandatory to ensure that the hair extension is attached to the skin or hair correctly. It can be challenging to combine the lace closure wig with natural hair extensions, especially when you are a beginner. A couple of techniques should be applied to ensure every part of the hair is covered and to ensure perfect blending texture with the natural hair. Here is a step to step guide on how to install the lace closure wig perfectly.

Part 1: Steps to install the cap

Step 1: ladies can wear the lace closure for a while; therefore, it is essential to clean the hair and scalp. Use the appropriate shampoo and air conditioner to ensure the hair stays damp. Further, leave the hair to dry before working on the cap.

Step 2: nest you need to cornrow the hair exactly where you need your style to be separated. Use your favorite creativity styling to ensure that every mesh emerges correctly from the part. Be sure to keep interlaces little to achieve an A- level establishment, and they should run along the hairline.

Step 3: ensure you place the square of the weaving net on the top of your head correctly. More importantly, you should match the color suitably to achieve a natural look. Choose a square that is big enough to cover your entire hair. It is optional to use the nest, but it could be helpful for thinning your hair.

Step4: attach the netting to the edge of the cornrow using a needle and thick threads. Ensure you sew the netting from the back center part to the front of your head. When sewing, you should follow the path on the netting while you ensure the stitches are small and constant.

Step 5: remember to cut the excess netting and thread as close as possible to prevent them from appearing from the edges. Check for any visible gaps and ensure you sew them correctly, then knot and cut the thread.

Part 2: how to sew the lace top

Next, you need to place the closure on the top of your head. This could be either on the top center of one side, depending on your cornrow. Ensure you sew the left side of the cornrow along the hairline to secure the lace closure. The right side should be placed on a straight part behind the front edge of the lace closure. After sewing the front closure, stitch the closure sides along towards the back of your head. Further, gently clip the hair to the lace closure carefully.

Part 3: sew the wefts

It would be best if you sewed in the wefts using a curved needle to ensure it is pinned correctly to the edge of the cornrow. When sewing, ensure that the wefts are fastened to the edge of the closure. Keep sewing until you reach the appropriate point of the right ear. As such, you will have perfectly installed the closure wig on your head. When going through the process, you need to go through each step carefully and confirm to ensure the closure looks gorgeous and natural.


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