Hose Reels That Are Not Popularly Talked Of


A good hose reel can come in handy in a wide range of applications. A good hose reel features elements like heavy-duty material, 9-mode nozzle, ease of installation, and application. These are some of the features you should consider when choosing the best hose reel on the market. This excerpt will be focusing on the uncommon hose reel types and their applications.

Unpopular types of hose reels

When you think of hose reel applications, one of the first things that come to your mind is gardening. While garden hose reels are some of the most popular hose reels, there are several other types of applications. Below are some unpopular types of hose reel and applications;

1. Hydraulic hose reels

Hydraulic hose reels are primarily applied in areas where the distance from the hydraulic feed is significant. They are mainly used with hydraulic hoses in industrial areas. These hose reels are used to control the tension within the line while the hydraulic hoses are unwound. Hydraulic hose reels are usually coated with protective materials to withstand the application pressures. They are also designed to withstand any form of hose. This includes thermoplastic and rubber hoses. A hydraulic hose reel allows you to pull the hydraulic hose to the desired location, then lock it in place to prevent unexpected rewinding.

2. Audio cable hose reel

As the name suggests, these hose reels are used to hold audio cables. A single audio cable hose reel can hold about 1800 feet worth of cable. They are used to make transportation of the cables in various locations. Most audio cable hose reels are made from a wide range of materials. The most common ones are heavy-duty steel and plastic. Steel is highly applied because of its ability to withstand the stresses of constant movement.

3. Chemical hose reels

The role of a chemical hose reel is transferring chemicals from one place to the next. Due to the sensitivity of their application, chemical hose reels are typically built to withstand harsh conditions. For instance, they can handle the effects of the corrosive and harmful elements of the chemicals. For this reason, chemical hose reels are mostly made from non-corrosive stainless steel.

4. Beverage hose reels

These products are used for food processing, production, washing, transfer, and steam cleaning. They are primarily applied in food processing plants, especially the beverage industries. Beverage hose reels are usually vibration resistant to allow continuous performance and durability.

5. Fuel hose reels

As the name suggests, these hose reels are used for transferring fuels. They are used to keep fuel hoses out of the way. They also enhance safety in the fuel industry by keeping fuel hoses protected. Most fuel hose reels are usually made from rugged materials and designs. This is done to ensure that they can withstand hazardous conditions.


When you seriously think of it, hose reels are applied in numerous hose reels. It is safe to say that they are involved in any area where hoses or cables are used. However, most of the applications mentioned above are rarely discussed.


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