Tips on How to Use and Care For Your Steak Knives


If you are a passionate meat-eater, you must know the importance of a good steak knife. Cutting into that juicy steak with steak knives elevates the taste to a whole new level. To most of you, a steak knife might appear identical to a standard table knife. However, there are a few differences that make it stand out amongst the rest.

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Things You Should Know About Your Steak Knives

There are many things that you might not know about steak knives. This piece of kitchen cutlery is of extreme importance. Below are some things to learn about your steak knives.

1. The Blades Are Of Two Types

Steak Knife Blades come in two categories; serrated and non-serrated. Whichever one you choose entirely depends on your preference. The serrated ones contain ridges along the blade. This requires a sawing motion to cut through your steak. In addition, these types of blades last longer as they demand less maintenance. On the other hand, non-serrated knives have a straight edge that cuts in a swift motion.

2. They Are Multi-Functional

Steak knives can also be used as a utility knife in addition to cutting steak. It can be used to slice vegetables, halve sandwiches, cube cheese, and so on. When there’s no other knife available, we can use our steak knives for other things.

However, even though they can perform various jobs, this knife should not be your go-to for all of your kitchen work. It’s great if you only use it for steaks!

3. Maintenance Is Required

Every piece of cutlery necessitates upkeep. With use, steak knives can bend, dull, or become blunt. So, if you feel that they aren’t cutting as well as they should, it’s definitely time to have them serviced. The rolled edge of the knife can be straightened out by honing it with steel or stone.

If you want to keep your steak knives for a long time, you must clean them. Simply wash them with soapy water until all residues are removed, and then allow them to dry. When washing knives, though, be cautious because the points can be somewhat hazardous. After washing the knives, always put them away in a safe place.

4. A Knife Block Is a Must-Have

A knife block is necessary for keeping your steak knives in good condition and safe. Usually, people just toss the knife into a drawer with all the other knives, which can damage the knives and your fingers. Hence, it’s better to store them separately in a knife block or wrap them in towels to keep them safe.

5. Durability

The longevity of steak knives is determined by how you care for them and the material they’re made of. If you take good care of your steak knives and choose high-quality ones, they can last a long time.

These are a few things to keep in mind if you own steak knives. Let’s hope this article provided you with the information you required about steak knives!


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