Turn back time with this retro 2021 Ford F-150


After introducing a retro design pack for the Ford F-150 about two years ago, Ohio’s Beechmont Ford dealership is back with another version for the redesigned 2021 F-150.

First spotted by Motor1, the 2021 BFP Retro Ford F-150 features essentially the same ingredients as before, including a two-tone vinyl wrap, retro 17-inch wheels with 35-inch all-terrain tires, and a 3.5 -Inch lift kit. A chrome bed frame and KC Hi Lights complete the look. The standard Satin Pearl Wrap can also be replaced with the actual color.

While the previous Retro-F-150 was based on the XLT equipment, the 2021 model shown here is based on the higher-quality Lariat model. You can still get the retro package for an XLT or other trim level of the F-150 2021 if that’s what you want. Beechmont Ford recommends the factory chrome package that matches the bed frame and polished wheels.

2021 BFP Retro Ford F-150

Beechmont requires a $ 500 deposit for the package. Customers have to order their trucks directly from Ford and report the delivery to Beechmont, who then adds the retro extras.

The dealer found that waiting times are longer than usual due to the global microchip shortage, which has had a major impact on truck production. A waiting period of six months for delivery is currently expected.

Beechmont doesn’t just make retro trucks. This is also the dealer who began selling a supercharged 750 hp Ford Mustang for $ 44,994 last year. Beechmont takes a stock 5.0-liter V-8 Mustang GT and adds a Roush Phase 2 supercharger, which typically costs $ 7,999 alone. You even get a 3-year warranty for 36,000 miles.


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