Ten Types Of Chains Used For Image Necklaces


An image chain (bildkette) is an incredible gift that you can give a loved one or friend during special events like birthdays. It is a sentimental and beautiful gift. The image chains commonly feature various forms of necklace chains, which will be covered in this post.

Types of image necklace chains

Whether you are working with a name or image necklace, the product needs a chain to hold the other components. Below are some of the most popular types of chains for necklaces;

1. Cable chains

The cable chain is among the most popular type of necklace chains made from interlocking oval links. The links usually feature the same size. Making these oval links is easy, hence the low cost of necklaces with this type of chain. The cable chain works well with delicate pendants like image necklaces with pendants.

2. Curb chains

The curb chain consists of curved links that interlock evenly as they lie flat. They can feature different sizes or the same size. Also, the chains can feature links in increasingly larger sizes. Typically, curb chains are chunkya and best used for making trendy urban designs.

3. Marine chains

These chains get their name because they feature some similarities to nautical chains. They are made up of oval links with horizontal bars across the center of each link. Marine chains typically resemble cable chains because they can interlock and curb links also because they lay flat.

4. Figaro chains

They are a modified version of the original curb chains. Figaro chains come with interwoven flat links that come in varying sizes and patterns. They also feature triads of smaller links alternating with longer links.

5. Rope chains

Rope chains are popular textural necklace chains. They consist of chain links of a rope that are twisted and looped together. This is done in a way that resembles a rope, hence the title.

6. Wheat chain

These chains get their name from their similarity to the tip of wheat stalks. Wheat chains contain oval and twisted oval links bound together in a similar direction forming the wheat stalk-like appearance.

7. Bead chain

These chains are made from ball-shaped links connected using small breaks in between each one of them. They are commonly used for ornamental jewelry, dog tags, and keychains.

8. Omega chains

Omega chains are notably shiny chains formed by flat plates crimped over a mesh interior. This chain features a semi-rigid construction, which gives it a unique appearance. Omega chains are ideal for wearing with slide pendants.

9. Box chains

This chain is made up of square links organized side by side to form smooth four-sided shapes.

10. Herringbone chains

This chain is formed from pressing v-shapes links organized in alternating directions creating a flat and fluid design. This pattern is also famous for textile and home décor products.


Each of the chain patterns listed above is beneficial and attractive in its own right. However, they all differ in aesthetics, and they are ideal in different types of necklaces. Therefore, when choosing the best chain, you may want to consider these features.


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