4 Various Kinds of Cord Reels in the Market


Reels have been in existent for many years. They have been used in various applications to store, wind, and unwind cords. Most reels roll out and retract the cords automatically, saving time and energy resulting in increased productivity. The retractable cord reels are of high quality and can be purchased on https://giraffetools.com/products/giraffe-tools-retractable-extension-cord-reel. When buying reels, we focus on factors like quality, use, and price and pay little attention to the type. In this extract, we discuss the different types of cord reels.

Types of Cord Reels

The different cord reels have a similar purpose, but their working mechanisms differ. In addition, the style of the reel is usually influenced by your application needs. The four types of cord reels include lift, stretch, drag, and retrieve reels.

1. Lift Cord Reel

Like its name, the reel ‘lifts’ or carries a vast selection of cords vertically. It is the most popular reel available, with its use cutting across different applications and industries. The reel can operate automatically or get hand-winded to accomplish the desired purpose. Reels have different mounting options, but the Lift reel is mounted on the wall, ceiling, or overhead structure to function.

In a stationary position, the cord is pulled down in a straight manner using a machine or by hand, and a ratchet then locks the cable into place to stop it from retracting back. According to the manufacturer’s guide, the reel is designed to withstand only the weight of the cords.

2. Stretch Cord Reel

The reel functions by stretching the cords horizontally; however, it does not support the cords during the process. You can mount the stretch cord reel on the ceiling, wall, or ground but from an elevated point. The mounting can be done with no reel movement or mounted on a piece of moving equipment.

While in any of the mentioned situations, the cable is pulled out/ stretched by a machine and prolonged horizontally but with a noticeable sag. Cord reels accommodate a certain length of cord, like 40 or 50 feet, but an extra 10 percent of the cord is needed to facilitate the sagging with the stretch cord reel.

3. Drag Cord Reel

This reel operates like the Lift cord reel but with a slight difference. Mounting is done on the floor or close to it after elevation, and the reel can either support the cords or fail to support them by dragging them on the ground horizontally. The drag cord reel is mounted in a stationary position, then pulled out manually or using an automated machine. In addition, the reel has a safety feature known as a ratchet that locks the cords into place once extended to the desired length.

4. Retrieve Cord Reel

Unlike the other types of reels, the retrieve reel is used in specific applications. It is mounted on a moving object, and the cords are wound up or rolled out when the machine moves closer to the cord support or away from it.


The four types of cord reels are ideal for use, depending on the application. Choose the kind that fits your needs and functions as desired to accomplish its intended purpose.


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