How To Make Your Garden Hose Last?


All the tools that make a watering system should be properly cared for. One of such tools is the garden hose. If you haven’t gotten one yet, do well to Contact us for to get a durable hose and hose reels

The garden hose is considered the most important of such watering tools. The garden hose is used to deliver water to the plants in your garden or water your lawn.

Apart from watering and your lawn and irrigating your garden, the garden hose is useful for other purposes done around the house like washing your car and even filling up your swimming pool.

Just to put it in perspective, consider how much time it would take to fetch and carry water from a spigot to the nearby garden.

You should also consider how many times you will have to repeat the exercise and how much effort the chore will require.

When you put all of this into consideration and properly compare it with the ease that the garden hose brings, you will immediately appreciate the role of the garden hose in dispersing water.

The garden hose is not a complicated tool and its care is not also complicated.

Garden Hose Maintenance- How It Should Be Done

For decades, the garden hose has gained a reputation as an essential part of plant irrigation and moving water around the house and garden.

· Buy Quality

The first step to making your garden hose last is to avoid the trap of buying a cheap hose and of low quality.

You should buy a tough and well-researched garden hose. A hose that is made of quality material is most likely to last longer than a hose of low quality.

When you invest money into the right garden hose, you will enjoy the reward of quality. And your hose will probably have a long service life. But that is not all.

· The Suns UV Rays

Another thing to keeping mind is to keep the garden hose out of the sun. you should know that the UV rays from the sun can cause damage to the hose.

The hose can start to crack, or the exterior layer of the garden hose can rupture. When this happens, any water left I the hose will heat up and cause further damage to the inner tubing of the hose.

Although is better to water your plants in the mornings, this does not mean that you cannot water your garden or use your hose under the sun.

It just means that after your watering activity, you should not leave your garden hose out in the sun, wind it and store it inside. leaving it out in the sun can cause damage to the garden hose.

· Fix The Leak

Another important tip to help your garden hose has a long service life is to repair all leaks promptly. For a pinhole, this can be done easily with a rubber patch and super glue.

When you have a small hole, you should use a tube patch kit and super glue. Remember to use sandpaper to smoothen the area, apply super glue, and out the rubber piece after it dries.


As you have read, the maintenance is not complicated. Little things like draining the hose after each use, and strong properly will go a long way.


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