Ferrari launches first fashion collection


Ferrari unveiled its first fashion collection on Sunday with a catwalk event at its factory in Maranello, Italy.

The collection was designed by Rocco Iannone, whose career includes positions at Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani, and includes items in the price range from around 200 euros (approx. 242 US dollars) for a t-shirt to 3,000 euros for a coat.

A graduate of fashion design at Milan’s Marangoni Institute, Iannone was hired by Ferrari in 2019 to oversee originally licensed clothing and accessories that have been sold for decades. You know, things like Ferrari branded Ray-Ban sunglasses and Puma trainers.

Ferrari fashion collection

Now he’s in charge of clothing developed in-house at Ferrari – a company that Ferrari aims to grow to 10% of profits within a decade. At the same time, Ferrari plans to reduce the number of licensed items by around 50%.

The first collection includes over 50 items and around 80% are designated as unisex. Ferrari also plans to add accessories in the near future.

The move might prove wise when it comes to Ferrari’s bottom line. The fashion brand will allow Ferrari to target fans who are unable to buy one of its cars. It will also allow Ferrari to attract a new breed of fan – one who is not interested in driving or racing. This could prove crucial in a future dominated by electric cars and self-driving pods.


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